VIDEO 2007

 2007 60 SECOND SOUTHERN VIDEO FESTIVAL played at these venues:
Interactive Screen: Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada.
D.E.A.F: Dublin Electronic Arts FestivalOctober 22-27, 2008. Dublin, Ireland
Ausstellungsraum Klingental. Basel, Switzerland.
Mantua Festival, Ballaghderreen, Ireland
Harmony Landing. Pegram, TN
Powerhouse, Memphis, TN
Pheriperal Produce, Portland, OR.
Cairo, Egypt  IMAFY at The Egyption Ministry of Culture.
Ditch Projects in Springfield, Oregon 

  This collection of one-minute videos is a cooperative initiative put forth by Fugitive Projects. The “Fugitives” are a collective of artists who seek to foster the development of progressive contemporary art through the promotion of innovative works and unique exhibitions.

  Fugitive Projects encourages exchange between artists and independent arts organizations around the world. In all our exhibitions we develop artist-driven projects that provide artists opportunities to define themselves and situate themselves within the cultural landscape.

  Our intention is to foster innovation in the shadows because often it is far outside the usual venues where opportunities for real invention occur. We intend to provide a forum for such possibilities and increase dialogue between progressive artists in all places.

  The Fugitives have recently drawn a new course as an independent arts advocacy group and a roaming curatorial collective that produces traveling exhibitions and events such as the 60 Second Video Project to help fulfill this mission.

  Participants in The 60 Second Video Festival have diverse artistic backgrounds, including documentary and feature filmmaking, painting, computer programming, performance art, sculpture, and installation. Some of the artists are internationally known and some are just emerging. Included artist are from Western and Eastern Europe, China, Canada, Latin America, and The United States from Mississippi to New York, Los Angeles to Kentucky. This is a unique opportunity to see a large and diverse collection of video and film works by artists whose collective resume includes collaborations with Tom Waits, Win Wenders and the Vienna Philharmonic, participation in such major exhibitions as the Whitney Biennial, Berlin Biennial, The Sundance Film Festival, Cannes, and whose works are in the collections of the MOMA in New York, The Whitney Museum of American Art and many other institutions in the North America and Europe.

Amanda Dillingham- Nashville and Vermont
Patrick DeGuira- Nashville, TN
Dominic DeJoseph- NYC
Matt Freedman- NYC
Terry Glispin- Nashville and Sewanee, TN
Gold Hick – Seattle, WA
Bryan Hunter- Nashvllle, TN
Lauren Kalman- Nashville and Cleveland
Kristin Lucas- Los Angeles
Jeff Luckey- NYC and Berlin
Richard Mitchell- San Francisco
Donald Morgan- Los Angeles
Charles Huntley Nelson- Atlanta, GA
Melody Owen- Portland, OR and N.Y. State
Scott Phelps- Nashville, TN
Greg Pond- Sewanee, TN
Bert Rodriguez- Miami, FL
Eliane Rutishauser- Zurich
Jack Dingo Ryan- Nashville, TN
Hans Schmitt-Matzen- Nashville, TN
Jessica Westbrook- Chattanooga 


Kristina Arnold- Bowling Green, KY
Daniel Arsham- Miami
Hernan Bas- Miami
Bhakti Baxter- Miami
Jake Beckman- Cleveland, Ohio
Natalia Benedetti- Miami
Victor Barbieri- San Francisco
Jake Borndal and Kate Scherer
Joseph Burwell- NYC
Zorica Colic- Serbia
Krista Connerly- Snow Mass, CO
Edward P Davee- Portland, OR
Billy Davis- Berlin
Charles De Meaux- Paris
Andrew Deutsch- Alfred, NY
Dude Dogg- Los Angeles
Jason Driskill- Nashville
Nick DuPey- Chattanooga
e*rock- Portland, OR
Sarah Garmisa-
Caleb Gentry- San Francisco
Haus am Gern- Switzerland
Luis Gisbert- Miami
Jenna Gribbon, Emily James, Paul Simpson- NYC
Sabine Hagmann- Basel/Switzerland
Ann Holdam- Nashville
Swetlana Heger- Berlin
Erin Hewgley- Colombus, OH
Gretchen Hogue- Portland, OR
Markus Huber / Reto Huber- Zurich, Switzerland
Miles Inada- Ashland, OR
Jessica Irish- NYC
Charles Irvin- Los Angeles
Mahlea Jones- Nashville
Kyle Kellermann- Nashville
Ian Kennedy- NYC
Amery C. Kessler
Chad Amery Kessler- Malvern, Ohio
Carol Lafayette- Texas
Alex Lakin- Iowa
Luke Lamborn- Syracuse, NY
Nicolas Lobo- Miami
Adria Marquez- NYC
Muda Matthis / Sus Zwick- Basel, Switzerland
Kevin McCoy- Sewanee, TN
Kyle McKinnon- Birmingham, Alabama
Ana Medrano- Costa Rico
Lawrence Mesich- Chattanooga and NYC
Kimberly A. Miller- Milwaukee
Danny Minnick- San Fransico
Karina Nimmerfall- Berlin
Elvan Penny- Nashville, TN
Kamau Amu Patton, Oakland, CA
David Politzer- NYC
Patrick Power- Virginia
Ma Quisha- China
Casey Reas- Los Angeles
Scott Reeder- Milwaukee/Chicago\
Paul Richards- U.K.
Jonathan Riflemaker- Seattle and Morroco
Charlie Roberts- Columbus, Ohio and Burke, Virginia
Leyden Rodriguez-Cassanova- Miami
Eric Rosciam- Miami
SALT- Miami
Tom Scicluna- Miami
Trevor Shimizu- NYC
Jeff Silva- Somerville, MA
Elizabeth Spear- Austin,TX
Courtney Stephens- NYC
Alex Sweet- Miami
Sean Talley- San Francisco
James Tantum- San Francisco
Tom Thayer- Murfreesboro, TN
M.F. Tichy- Jersey City, NJMagda Tothova- Vienna
Adam Trowbridge- Chattanooga
Matt Underwood- Alfred, NY
Brooke White- Mississippi
Stan Woodard- Atlanta, GA
Moliu Zhang- China
Robert Zverina- Seattle

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